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At Oasis Planter Sub-Irrigation Solutions we provide the industry of landscape architects and landscape contractors a self watering system known as "Sub-irrigation Reservoir". Oasis reservoirs allow the benefit of a system that is easy to install, and maintain. We also provide planters, water features, and fire tables. Our designs can be tailored to your  custom design needs.

All of our products are available to the trade. Please request your quote or more information at: 

(877) 330-4448


Oasis Planter Irrigation Solutions, is a company that truly believes in water conservation and preservation of resources without compromising the quality and integrity of it’s product.  The benefit of this system became apparent to me 30 years ago when I integrated into a family with over 50 years of nursery growing experience. I truly recognized the necessity of a product that would aid not only in keeping the aesthetic of a fresh and clean installation, but could aid in the health of the planted foliage within containers and still perform the same when installed in larger built-ins or streetscapes. Having a history in the foliage growing industry allows us to share our expertise when working with you on your projects, definitely an advantage to your customer service experience.





Effective & Efficient Solutions for Professionals

Our reservoirs are planted within pots suspended in layers of soil. The soil absorbs the water and the roots of the plants search for the moisture to hydrate.  They have zero water run off from the planter if the reservoirs are used as the sole source of irrigation.  The installer has the option to use planters with drain or without drain holes.  The second option would create a clean installation and maintenance for a prolonged period of time.  These can also be used in landscape and streetscape. Our reservoirs make it easier to install beautiful planters without the need to run an irrigation pipe!

We’d love to answer any questions you might have! Give us a call or fill in the form below and we will get back to you!


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