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Oasis reservoirs are a favorite in the industry because of the ease of installation and use.  They are installed within the planter at the location where it’s needed; the base of the foliage.  It will aid in hydrating the soil with just the right amount of humidity the foliage requires to keep it looking fresh and healthy.  No over watering, EVER. If installed correctly it will maintain an optimal environment for the plant material and will reduce the need for maintenance visits.  The best part is that they are extremely fast and easy to install, cutting down on installation costs. They have no moving parts that would need repair or maintenance.  The sub-irrigation reservoir was designed to imitate the natural way mother nature would deposit moisture to a plant.

The installer has the option to install the reservoirs in planters with drain holes or without drain holes.  The second option would create a clean installation and little maintenance for a prolonged period of time without the messy water run off.


Our reservoirs make it easier to install beautiful planters without the need to run an irrigation pipe!

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