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Oasis has set out to provide that product in the form of  sub-irrigation reservoirs for the commercial landscape industry. Oasis reservoirs allow the benefit of a system that is easy to install, and maintain. It provides a means to healthy and luscious landscape plantings through the year and life span of the installation. The reservoirs allow the installation to maintain it’s “new installation” appearance by eliminating water rings, exterior calcium damage (when used without drainage), mosquito infestation due to draining or stagnant water.  

It is the solution to maintenance cost and water waste. The natural capillary action of the soil allows the system to feed the roots without over watering. The lack of standing water at the bottom of planters allows this system to be a favorite for rooftop gardens; for the minimization of weight, interiorscapes, and exteriorscapes. It serves extremely well in streetscapes and municipality projects.

It is our mission to provide the industry with the best quality product that will aid in the services provided to their clients. We believe in maintaining a high level of customer service that will transmit to long lasting relationships with our customers.  

In addition to the Oasis sub-irrigation reservoirs we manufacture two other lines; the Oasis planters that partner up well with the Oasis sub-irrigation reservoir system and are offered in many styles and finishes. Our other line the Oasis Fire Tables and Water Features, will enhance the outdoor experience by amplifying the ambiance with warmth, light, and the sound of a relaxing surrounding. We are proud of the product lines we offer and we look forward to forming part of your design and installation team with these lines.

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