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Modern Square


OA-MS18 18”OD 15”ID 12” 15”B

OA-MS22 22”OD 19”ID 19”H 17”B

OA-MS25 25”OD 22”ID 22”H 22”B

OA-MS28 28”OD 25”ID 24”H 20”B

OA-MS30 30”OD 24”ID 27”H 23”B

OA-MS32 32”OD 28”ID 28”H 24”B

OA-MS36 36”OD 32”ID 36”H 27”B

OA-MS42 42”OD 38”ID 38”H 32”B

OA-MS48 48”OD 44”ID 44”H 36”B

OA-MS54 54”OD 50”ID 50”H 43”B

OA-MS60 60”OD 55”ID 52”H 49”B

Modern Square
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